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Training Courses for Patent Users

Magister Ltd. provide a number of Standard Training Courses, either at your site, or at a training centre. The tables below show Courses that are currently available.

For Details of Prices and availability, Contact Us Directly quoting the Course Ref(s) which are of interest to you.

Introduction to patents documentation
Workshop of 2-3 hours, mostly suitable for technical staff who encounter patents primarily as information sources rather than legal documents. Covers basic patent concepts and definitions, 4 major patent systems, sources of documents.

Course Ref: INTRO

Review of free-of-charge patent search sources
Half-day presentation or 1-day interactive training session, depending upon client requirements. Designed to promote awareness of major free sources of patent information. The session concentrates on file content and selection of the right search tool, rather than techniques for search strategy. Provides a brief comparison with value-added and commercial sources (see course (REVCOM), below). Suitable for either information staff needing an overview or for technical/legal staff who do some end-user searching.

Course Ref: REVFREE

Review of commercial patent search sources
Half-day presentation or 1-day interactive training session, depending upon client requirements. Designed to provide a comprehensive survey of how major commercial files treat raw patent data, and the value-added or proprietary features of these files. As with (REVFREE), the session concentrates on file content rather than providing a description of 'how-to-search'. Additional material covers sources of support documentation to promote efficient use of the search files. Principally beneficial for information staff, or for legal staff already familiar with free-of-charge sources.

Course Ref: REVCOM

Sources for patent searching
A full day presentation comprising parts of the material from courses (REVFREE) and (REVCOM), with additional comparisons. Designed for beginners in patent information, who want a succinct introduction to the whole field of search sources, or for budget-holders needing to understand the cost-effectiveness of different types of information source.

Course Ref: SOURCE

Patent information for business information users
A half-day workshop describing the use and abuse of patent information for commercial intelligence. Considers the principal types of research for which patents are an appropriate source tool, and some of the pitfalls of using patent information. Suitable for information or business strategy staff.

Course Ref: BUSUSER

Competitive intelligence from patents - true or false?
A half-day presentation to illustrate some of the problems in using patent data for extracting commercial trend data. Principally devoted to examples of data anomalies and legal pitfalls in interpreting data sets. Suitable for legal staff with some exposure to commercial data analysis tools, or for information staff assessing the potential of the field.

Course Ref: COMPETE

Patent classification systems
A 1-day presentation or 1.5 day interactive training session, considering the major patent classifications in use, both public and proprietary, their strengths and weaknesses, and the motivation behind non-word based searching techniques. Suitable for patent information specialists with some prior experience of searching in a range of sources.

Course Ref: CLASSES

In addition to User Training Courses, Magister Ltd. is also able to provide a User Consultancy Service.

If you have a specialised requirement, please do not hesitate to Contact Us Directly to discuss how Magister Ltd. can help you.

Other Patent Documentation Services provided by Magister Ltd.
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Recommended Books for Patent Users
Stephen Adams.
3rd completely revised edition 2011
ISBN 978-3-11-023511-1

Since the publication of the 2nd edition additional countries especially in Asia have become more prominent in industry.

This completely revised edition takes account of the changing information scene e.g. in new chapters like BRIC nations (Brazil, Russia, India, and China), Asia and regional patent systems or Sources for legal status searching.

This is an essential reference tool for academic librarians and information specialists as well as anyone needing to know where and how patent information can be found.

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