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Related Internet Links

There are a number of high-quality link collections or portals which Magister Ltd would recommend to anyone researching details of patent information sources and coverage. This website will not attempt to duplicate these, but refer you to the following sites for information.

Patent User Community

Patent Offices

  • The World Intellectual Property Organisation hosts a comprehensive list of websites for national intellectual property offices of the countries which are signatory to the WIPO Convention.
  • The European Patent Office has a division based in Vienna which is responsible for their information-publishing activities. The Vienna office also hosts the Virtual Help Desk as part of its support for users of Asian patent information.
  • The Trilateral patent offices (European Patent Office, Japan Patent Office and US Patent and Trademark Office) has their own website which reports their collaborative activities.
  • Similarly, the 5 major patent offices of the world, the so-called IP5 (Trilateral plus China and South Korea) report developments on the Foundation Projects, designed to assist collaborative working in the future.

Patent Database Hosts, Vendors & Producers

One of the best collections of information about coverage in patent databases is found in the Intellogist site. As well as a collection of factual information about database comparisons (both free-of-charge and subscription based) and guidelines on their selection, Intellogist has a wiki area where individual professionals can leave comments and hints on various aspects of patent searching skills.

Professional Journals

The principal peer-reviewed journal in the field of patent information is

Both the PATMG and PIUG (links above) publish a members-only periodical in English, which contains current news and views from the professional community. It is recommended that users consider joining one or other of these groups. Nationals of other countries may wish to consider a national user group as part of your networking opportunities.


The following videos by Stephen Adams are available on related web sites

Recommended Books for Patent Users
Stephen Adams.
3rd completely revised edition 2011
ISBN 978-3-11-023511-1

Since the publication of the 2nd edition additional countries especially in Asia have become more prominent in industry.

This completely revised edition takes account of the changing information scene e.g. in new chapters like BRIC nations (Brazil, Russia, India, and China), Asia and regional patent systems or Sources for legal status searching.

This is an essential reference tool for academic librarians and information specialists as well as anyone needing to know where and how patent information can be found.

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