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Magister: The Trainer

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"Magister" is Latin for "Teacher", "Tutor", or "Mentor", and represents the company's aim to be a centre of high quality training and consultancy support to the patent information community.

The offices of Magister Ltd. are situated in Reading, England, a short distance from Woodley Aerodrome. This small airfield was the hub of operations for Miles Aircraft Ltd. between 1934 and 1947. One of their most successful products was the M.14 Magister, a single-engined basic trainer for the Royal Air Force.

Miles Aircraft Ltd. were known as a highly innovative company, with extensive research interests, including involvement in the British project to break the sound barrier in 1946. The company was granted over 100 patents during its short life.

The Miles Magister M.14 Training Aircraft, 1936

The Miles Magister M.14 Training Aircraft, 1936

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