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Request for Publication Reprints.

From time to time, Magister Ltd is able to provide Reprints of some Publications. Copies may be taken subject to the normal restrictions of copyright, which in most cases has been assigned to the journal publisher.

Note: Magister Ltd. is a Patents documentation consultancy.

Our primary activities are in the field of Patents Documentation.

We are unable to provide publications related to other areas.

Paper Reprints

The following list represents reprints which are available. To order these, please contact us directly by email, post or phone, using the details at the foot of this page.

  1. The text, the full text and nothing but the text: Part 2 - The main specification, searching challenges and survey of availability. World Patent Information 32(2), 120-128 (2010).
  2. The text, the full text and nothing but the text: Part 1 - Standards for creating textual information in patent documents and general search implications. World Patent Information 32(1), 22-29 (2010).
  3. English-language support tools for the use of Japanese F-term patent subject searching online. World Patent Information 30(1), 5-20 (2008).
  4. Centenary of the enactment of the United Kingdom's Patents and Designs Act 1907. World Patent Information 29(4), 363-368 (2007).
  5. Electronic non-text material in patent applications - some questions for patent offices, applicants and searchers. World Patent Information 27(2), 99-103, (2005).
  6. Networked patent information - a review of developments from paper to web. New Review of Information Networking 9, 81-95, (2003).
  7. Patent information has arrived; the message from the EPIDOS Annual Conference. Online, 27(2), 18-20, (March/April 2003).
  8. Pharmacia Corp.: analysis of patenting 1998-2002. Expert Opinion in Therapeutic Patents 13(2), 223-231 (2003)
  9. A comparison of early publication practices in the United States and Europe. World Patent Information 25(2), 117-122 (2003)
  10. Defensive Publishing: a strategy for maintaining intellectual property as public goods. (co-authored with V. Henson-Apollonio). ISNAR Briefing Paper No. 53. The Hague: International Service for National Agricultural Research. (September 2002). ISSN 1021-2310. Awarded "Publication of the Year" by ISNAR management for 2002.
  11. A short examination of the timeliness and accuracy of United Kingdom patent legal status data sources. World Patent Information 24(3), 203-209 (2002)
  12. The Beilstein Handbook as a source of pre-1960 chemical patent literature. World Patent Information, 21(2), 75-81, (1999).

Electronic Reprints

Electronic copies of the following articles are available from the publisher using the links given:

  1. Patent searching without words - why do it, how to do it? Freepint Newsletter No. 130, 7-8 (6th February 2003).
  2. Information sources on post-grant actions to pharmaceutical patents. Journal of Chemical Information and Computer Sciences, 42(3), 467-472, (2002).
  3. Developments in patents documentation in Europe during the last decade. Journal of Chemical Information and Computer Sciences, 39(3), 423-431, (1999).

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