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User Training

Patents information is chronically under-utilised, but there is never enough time to keep abreast of developments in sources, systems or practices.

Is our in-house experience up-to-date ?

We can help you evaluate your existing staff and to provide customised training courses to fill any gaps.

How do we find and retain the right people ?

We can advise you on how to recruit for a patent search department, on screening candidates, and how to interview a patents information officer.

Our training can be one-to-one, or groups, and addresses all sectors of patent information user (or non-user !), including the Information Specialist, Scientist, Manager and Attorney.

Unlike Host Training, we are not limited to any one search system or methodology. We provide fresh approaches to old problems.

We go from the very basics to beyond the basics, providing tailored courses to suit your information staff needs.

How else can you help ?

In addition to User Training, Magister Ltd. is also able to provide a User Consultancy Service.

Are there Standard Courses Available ?

Magister Ltd. provide a number of Standard Training Courses, either at your site, or at a training centre. If you have a specialised requirement, please do not hesitate to Contact Us Directly to discuss how Magister Ltd. can help you.

Other Patent Documentation Services provided by Magister Ltd.
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Recommended Books for Patent Users
Stephen Adams.
3rd completely revised edition 2011
ISBN 978-3-11-023511-1

This is an essential reference tool for academic librarians and information specialists as well as anyone needing to know where and how patent information can be found.

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