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Services for Host / Vendors of Patent Databases

Magister can bring a wide range of Industry Experience to bear on the issues facing hosts and data suppliers.

What do searchers want from our systems ?

Magister can supply detailed insight into the issues facing the searcher, allowing you to develop your search systems in an appropriate manner.

How well do our users really understand our patents files?

We can help in the development of your quality control methodology.

We can assist you in the process of evaluating new files for loading on your system, or help with current file maintenance, reloading or integration issues.

We can prepare new or revised documentation or summary sheets for your patents files, or help your own training staff to support your range of patent sources.

Tap in to our experience to test new command features or search techniques before you release them to your users.

Other Patent Documentation Services provided by Magister Ltd.
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Recommended Books for Patent Users
Stephen Adams.
3rd completely revised edition 2011
ISBN 978-3-11-023511-1

This is an essential reference tool for academic librarians and information specialists as well as anyone needing to know where and how patent information can be found.

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